Analytics Applied

Becoming a data-driven organization is a journey and picking the right collaborator is critical.  Getting value out of data through analytics is much more than a technology challenge.  It’s a business model, people, and process challenge as well. This is especially true in health care today where health systems, health plans and life sciences organizations are increasingly dependent on insights from data to survive and thrive.

ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte is that collaborator. We not only bring purpose built analytics platforms,  but a network of leading health system, data, technology, and content collaborators as well as the breadth and depth of Deloitte’s Life Sciences and Health Care Consulting capabilities to enable our clients’ success.

ConvergeHEALTH adds to the advisory, operational and technology consulting capabilities of Deloitte Consulting, the largest provider of Health Care and Life Sciences Consulting in the United States, based on revenue. We work with health systems, academic medical centers, health plans, and life sciences organizations providing health care analytics strategy, governance, implementation, and operational support services. We combine the transformational consulting experience of Deloitte Consulting with specific clinical, operational, financial, research, and population health management analytics experience to help our clients realize the potential of becoming a data-driven organization and a rapid health care learning system. The breadth of our services includes:

  • Analytics Strategy
  • Health Data Governance
  • Research Informatics Strategy
  • Analytics Platform and Solutions Implementation
  • Bioinformatics and Biobanking Experience
  • Population Health Management Experience
  • Health Economics Outcomes Research Experience
  • Clinical Study Protocol Design

These services are usually combined with our world class consulting capabilities from Deloitte Consulting across innovation, advisory, operational excellence, IT, and process implementations, change management, actuarial, and application managed services. By combining our strategy, operational, technology, human capital, and analytical capabilities we are uniquely positioned to help our clients on a transformative journey that combines data, content, technology, processes, and people to derive meaningful insights that are actionable and anchored on execution.

At ConvergeHEALTH we pride ourselves in having established a service team that is passionate about solving the complex analytical problems in health care. We are driven by helping to meet the unmet needs of your patients, operating at the convergence of market forces, aiming to transform health care by implementing analytical solutions that work and by having an unflinching focus on execution. The result is that we provide services staffed by people with deep experience in the health care domain, the technical experience to execute your vision, and the processes to deliver successfully.

In addition to staffing depth, Deloitte Consulting has committed significant investment in research and development, new collaborations, and business and analytics platforms to support the transformation of health care. This includes the acquisition of Recombinant Data Corp. in 2012 and the organic growth of Deloitte Health Informatics, combined into a single business unit in 2014 as ConvergeHEALTH.

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